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Our mobile grooming department is temporarily closed. My trailer is currently out of commission with a broken axle. I am offering grooming services out of my home. And am more than happy to even pick up your baby and bring them home as soon as they are done. I still offer the promise of no crates and no waiting around all day. 

Hope 4 Aed!

This is 7 year old Aed Ramos. He suffers from  Adrenoleukodystrophy or ALD. He has an older brother and baby sister. And 2 of the most amazing parents a kid could ask for. He now requires around the clock care and his father has to miss work to help care for him. Please help provide a little help to this amazing family. There are several ways to help. 

1. Click the donate button above.

                                             2. Order Mary Kay from                                                           

                               and all  sales go directly to the Ramos family.

                                             3. Donate unwanted items. They are constantly selling items on online and 

having garage sales to earn money to 

pay for medical care and bills.

 To learn more please read his story. 

Aed's story (click here)

Sharon J Gomez

(225) 361-3800
(my phone is broken and the speaker is broken so I can not hear anything. I am awaiting my replacement)
or send me a message on the contact us page

I look forward to hearing from you!

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